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It's Tax Time!

In The Cloud

Tax time just got easier! Subscribe to become a client if you are not already. Then go to your private portal and log in under Client Login and download your interactive adobe pdf checklist, answer the questions that relate to your circumstances, and upload back to your portal along with your tax documents to us. We will sort out what's claimable and have our in house registered tax agent prepare your tax return on our online server. You do not need to travel to see us to do your tax return. If you are not sure about any question, simply add a note in the issues section of the checklist. We will promptly call you and answer your queries.

Your Next Step

  1. Subscribe to our web site and we will create your private tax portal for you to access your checklist.

  2. You fill out your client details section,

  3. Answer the tax tax questions to the best of your ability by clicking yes or no,

  4. Add any questions you have in the issues section,

  5. Then upload your client checklist and your scanned tax documents to your portal.

  6. Remember our fees are tax deductible!

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