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Frequently Asked Questions


Here are the top five frequently asked questions about tax. If you have a very important question, simply go to our contacts tab and email us with your question. We are here to help you get through the tax maze. Also, please feel free to subscribe to our free monthly newsletters. You get a ton of free tax tips and information. Click the subscribe button under contacts. Happy reading. 

 01  Are the fees I pay you tax deductible?

When you have your tax return prepared by a registered tax agent, your fees are fully tax deductible. We are registered as a tax agent with the Tax Practitioners Board. As such, you can claim our fees as a tax deduction.




 02  Can I maximize my tax deductions? 

Yes you can. You need to have proof that you spent the money by way of a receipt or tax invoice or some other acceptable documentary evidence. The nature of the expenses must be directly related to the earning of your taxable income (There must be a nexus between the expense and the income generated). We will work out what you can and can't claim. Simply scan & upload the documents into your private portal on our website for us to review.




 03  Am I safe from a Tax audit from the Australian Tax Office?

Whilst we can not predict if and when the tax office selects you for a tax audit, we will ensure that when we prepare your return -  that your receipts meet the tax office guidelines, and that they are relevant to your occupation. We also use Tax Assist from Thomson Reuters which has a built in tax audit alert. This application takes into account your age, occupation and expenses claimed and compares them to a tax office statistical data base and issues a screen alert if you are claiming above the average. We can then sit back and have a meaningful discussion. If your claims are high and above the norm, we then have the opportunity to dig deeper in the relevant tax rulings to ensure that you are making claims that are acceptable to the Tax Office or at least you have a reasonable arguable position to present in your defense should a tax audit arise. No chances taken here.




 04  Do you just prepare my tax return?

Anybody can fill out a tax form and lodge with the tax office. Form filling is not our business. The key is to get the tax return done correctly. In the process of preparing your tax return  - we look at the nature of your income and the nature of your expenses and advise you for next year where you should be spending additional money to gain some legitimate tax deductions. You get some free tax planning to ensure that you are maximizing your tax refund.



 05  Do I have to visit your office to complete my tax return?

No. For your convenience, you log into your private portal that we create for you. You download, complete and upload the client interview checklist. We will then call you to arrange a telephone interview. We will then complete your return and email it via adobe sign for you to sign electronically. Once we receive the signed copy and payment, we will then lodge it electronically for you with the Australian Taxation Office. No more traffic jams, late evenings, running around. You save a ton of time, all done in the comfort of wherever you are.

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