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As a registered tax agent, we prepare all the various tax returns from Individual, Partnership, Trust, Company and Self managed Superannuation Funds and GST Business Activity Statements (BAS). We take out the guess work from the tax maze to give you peace of mind. Our aim is to save you time and money. We only use the best industry standard software that are approved for use by the Accountancy Industry and the Australian Taxation Office. Thinking of setting up a new business? We will work out the best entity for you based on your criteria and organize the the paper work to get you registered. We have over 24 years experience in the industry and a proven track record.

Business Advisory - we do the heavy lifting so you can relax.
Grow your wealth via negative gearing.
Set profit targets based on sound business modelling.
Personal & Business Tax Specialists.


We have prepared thousands upon thousands of tax returns over the years. You get to benefit from our wealth of experience. We take out the guess work from the daunting tax maze and give you peace of mind. You get to maximize your legal deductions. More cash in your pocket. If you are running a business, we have the tools to prepare your business tax  and bas returns as well as assist you with monthly management reports, cash flow reporting, budgeting and variance analysis.  We do your bookkeeping, accountancy and taxation function for you. You have your skills that make you money. You get to free up your time which gives you the opportunity to unleash the passion in you to allow you to build your business and make more.  Remember our fees are fully tax deductible. Call us on  1300 728 436 to discuss your potential.

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Rental Properties & Negative Gearing.


You Have an existing rental property?

If you are fortunate to own a rental property, you would have worked hard and made many choices and sacrifices to be a landlord. We know this did not happen by accident. We understand that you want to prepare your rental schedule that complies with the Australian Federal Income Tax laws and to maximize your legal


Looking to invest in a rental property as part of your wealth creation strategy?

Before you take the leap into one of the biggest investment decisions of your life, call our office and book a consultation. We will look at all your available tax deductions and give you independent tax planning advice regarding the tax decuctions available. It's called negative gearing.

Call us on  1300 728 436.

Business Coaching & Development.
There are only four ways to grow your business. You can spend the next 40 years trying to find out and still be in the dark. If you have the dream, we can help you. Our approach to growing your business is quite simple and effective. It's not for every one. Not every body has what it takes to go to the next level. Your business is all about you from the outset, in reality it's about how you can add value to the clients your business is servicing. Get this part right and you get to earn a great income and in time - financial freedom. What are you waiting for. Call us now on  1300 728 436 and ask to book in a free skype meeting. It's ok, you don't need to travel to see us, that's old school. We are working in a virtual business model.


Video Tutorials 

Take a look at Xero in the cloud. Isn't it time you went on line. Call us on 1300 728 436 to discuss your bookkeeping needs.

MYOB Australia.


Take a look at MYOB in the cloud. Isn't it time you went on line. Call us on 1300 728 436 to discuss your bookkeeping needs.

Intuit QuickBooks.


Take a look at QuickBooks in the cloud. Isn't it time you went on line. Call us on 1300 728 436 to discuss your bookkeeping needs.

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